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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy.


Our Traditional Diet

Enjoy Our Nutritious Cuisine

Another identity that represents one’s culture is food. A meal capable of representing one’s culture uniquely moves from its mere raw state to its method of preparation, occasions for which it is served and how it is served.

Here is an array of common dishes of Akwabomites; Afang, Edikan Ikong, Brassas (Bitter leaf), Atama, Editan, Efere Otong, Efere Ikon, Afia Efere Ebot, Efere ndek-iyak, Efere etighe, Efere Ndese served with garri, pounded yam, fufu. Porridges include; Yam, Plantain, Maize, Cocoyam, Ekpang Nkukwo.

Edikan Ikong

This is a leafy spiced soup with rich variety of sea food and meat. It is made form a combination of pumpkin leaves and water leaves. Other important ingredient are smoked fish, crayfish, pepper, salt, palm oil, maggi. Water is not required here. It is served with boiled yam, garri or foo-foo.

Afang Soup

This delicacy is made from shredded afang and water leaves. Other ingredients are smoked fish, meat, crayfish, salt pepper, maggi, palm oil with little water, stock fish. It could be served with foo-foo, garri and pounded yam.

Abak Soup

This is made from oil palm fruit and atama leaves. This delicacy needs a lot of condiment like smoked fish, meat, sea food like periwinkle, stockfish, etc. Other ingredients are crayfish, maggi, pepper, salt. It could be served with boiled yam, plantain, fufu, pounded yam, garri or rice.

Ekpang Nkukwo

This is made from cocoyam, water yam and cocoyam leaves. This local delicacy has attained national and international reputation. It requires other ingredients like crayfish, pepper, maggi, salt, fish, palm oil and periwinkle.


Major ingredients are stockfish or smoked fish with plantain and oil palm.

Afia Efere Ebot

A combination of spices used for traditional ceremonies. Goat meat and smoked fish brings out the best from it.