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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - Dept. of Civil Litigation

Dept. of Civil Litigation

Dept. of Civil Litigation

The Department of Civil Litigation is one of the Departments in the Ministry of Justice.  It is saddled with the responsibility of handling all the civil cases involving the Akwa Ibom State Government, her Ministries, Departments and Agencies.


    Supreme Court, Abuja         7

    Court of Appeal, Abuja 3

    Court of Appeal Lagos         5

    Court Of Appeal, Calabar        163

    Federal High Court, Uyo        57

    Federal High Court, Abuja          9

    Federal High Court, Lagos   7

    National Industrial Court Calabar/Lagos 59

    High Court, Akwa Ibom State         1,219

    Multi-door Court 26

    Revenue Court 84

    Number of Legal Advice 172

TOTAL                                                       1,811

The table below summarizes our achievements:

Total cases received 1,811

Number of judgment obtained 302

Number of cases settled out of court 40

Number of Legal Advice Concluded 170

Number of ongoing cases at various stages 1,299