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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - ENVIRONMENTAL AND MINERAL RESOURCES


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Governor Udom Emmanuel Manages the states cherished natural resources and fragile environment in an eco-friendly way to ensure environmental sustainability by the adoption of conducive political, economic, and social organization for its protection and improvement through the regulation of environmentally harmful human activities to gain compliance from the state's inhabitants.

A clean and sustainable use of the environment and its natural resources will support a healthy work force and enable us bequeath clean natural resources to generations yet unborn. To ensure the protection and management of our environments, especially those that have bearing on our traditional economic mainstay, we will address frontally, the challenges of waste management, gully and coastal erosion, oil spill and environmental degradation of our fragile marine ecosystem.

In three years Governor Udom Emmanuel have successfully completed and Initiated:

  • Waste Management
Governor Udom Emmanuel implemented an integrated waste management system for cleanup, collection, transportation, and disposal of waste to improve hygiene and sanitation in the state. 

  • Municipal Beautification
To enhance the functionality of municipal areas we carry out regular street cleanups, public hygiene and sanitation, together with marketplace sanitation.

  • Forest Management
To balance the ecosystem we manage forest reserves for the good of humanity and to protect endangered species of wildlife and vegetation that need to survive in their natural habitat.

  • Pollution Prevention
Governor Udom Emmanuel has laid down proactive actions to secure the public from the harmful effects of pollution by acting early to prevent pollution from oil exploration and production as well as manufacturing activities, the Water and Sanitation facility Projects at Ibakang, Odot 11, Nda Nsit, Ikot Akpanike, Ikot Itie Udung communities in collaboration with EU to ensure safe and portable drinking water.

  • Civic Aesthetics
With beautiful flowers and civic art Governor  ensure that your open spaces are as inviting as a palace.

  • Environmental Sanitation
Through regulation of monthly sanitation exercise, monitoring, and inspections we ensure safe public hygiene and sanitation.

  • Flood Control
We have successfully carried out extensive flood control on areas designated flood prone sites.

  • Erosion Site Intervention
We have standby intervention for erosion sites in the state.

  • Pollution Control
We have deployed monitoring teams to ensure economic activities comply with agreed standards and that the right structures are used to limit and prevent pollution of the environment.