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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - Health Care

Health Care

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Health Care

The state government has taken delivery of some of the 100 containers of medical hardwares procured for equipping of the ve Emergency Response Centres in the state. Already some new equipment have been delivered to hospitals in the state including, automated beds with ultra-sound scanners, electro-cardiogram machines, spot vital signs devices, fatal anomaly scanners, endoscopes, hoyer lifts, oxygen concentrators, etc 

Other Achievements Include

  • Free medical services for children below 5 years, pregnant women & the aged
  • Construction of Dr. Ann Ward Gynaecology Block at St. Luke's Hospital, Anua, Uyo
  • Rehabilitation of Administrative Block and Wards at St. Luke's Hospital, Anua, Uyo
  • Construction of Emergency Operation Centre at Infectious Disease Hospital, Ikot Ekpene
  • Reconstruction/equipping of Etinan General Hospital, Etinan
  • Renovation and furnishing of House Ofcers' quarter in Uyo and Oron Relief for over 4,000 malnourished children
  • Free screening & treatment of over 15,000 people for various eye diseases Procurement of 100 containers of medical equipment (First batch has been delivered)
  •  Flag-off of 2015 maternal, Newborn and Child Health Week in the State. The programme featured the supplementation of children with vitamin “A”, pregnant women with iron folate and de-worming of children.
  • Payment of Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) to Medical and Dental practitioners in the state with effect from June 2015.
  • Continuing Professional development for Doctors as a mandatory requirement by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria. This development is a prerequisite for the annual renewal of licensee to practice.
  • Conducting of basic Life Support Training for Doctors, Nurses, Drivers and Porters. The trained personnel are to be engaged at public functions
  • Awareness campaign on Non-communicable diseases. Government is embarking on an on-going awareness creation programme in MDAs and Churches on causes, treatment and prevention of Hypertension, Sickle cell disease, Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus.
  • Carry out surveillance of diseases targeted for elimination and outbreak control.
  • Co-ordinate a 21 day free eye care outreach for people n the state, in collaboration with MTN foundation. 15,350 people were screened for various eye diseases. 1150 eye surgeries were performed and 2000 eye glasses were distributed.
  • Floating a mobile ambulance service in partnership with Nestle Nigeria Ltd. The service which is a pilot programme is targeted at pregnant women and children, five years of age and below
  • Drugs hawking and Control Programme
  • Registration of Paramedical staff Nurses and Private Clinics etc.
  • Training of 48 House Officers from General Hospitals Ikot Ekpene, Eket and Oron. The institutions were given provisional accreditation.
  •  Visit and donation of food items to Leprosarium of Ekpene Obom, Etinan
  •  Distribution of intervention items and amenities to health facilities in the state as follows;
  •  School of Nursing, Anua – 30 students desks, 10 customized mattresses and 10 pillows
  •  School of Midwifery, Anua – 50 customized mattresses, 50 pillows and 2 Desk-top computers
  •  School of Nursing, Ikot Ekpene – complete water reticulation.
  •  School of Nursing, Eket – 50 student desks
  •  School of Midwifery, Ituk Mbang – 25 customized mattresses, 25 pillows and 4 Desktop computers.
  •  School of Midwifery, Oron – 70 customized mattresses and 70 pillows.
  •  Inspection and review of current status of hospitals and public health institutions
  •  Training of 272 (Two Hundred and Seventy-two) registered nurses and midwives in the state under the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPDP)
  •  Matriculation and capping of 201 intake student Nurses
  •  Successful conduct of Central (P.T.S.) End of first semester year one and End of second semester year one examinations for 2014 intake student Nurses
  •  Participation in Nursing and Midwifery Council final qualifying examination for General Nurses and Midwives in which Akwa Ibom State scored 100% in both
  •  Successful processing of admission of 201 (Two Hundred and One) candidates into school of Nursing for 2015/2016 academic session.
  •  Successful processing of admission of 150 (One Hundred and Fifty) candidates into schools of Midwifery for 2015/2016 academic session.
  •  Treatment of 4,038 moderately malnourished and severely malnourished children
  •  Celebration of World Breastfeeding Day
  •  Inspection visitation to Primary Health Centre, Ikot Eyo and Okon
  •  Inspection visit to Cottage Hospital, Awa in Onna LGA and Nduo Eduo




Health is an aphorism for wealth. In realization of this, government accords great to the health of the people. The following are achievements in the sub sector:

Awareness campaign on non-communicable diseases: Tremendous awareness of health issues of hypertension, sickle cell disease, cancer and diabetes mellitus, has been created among members of the public regarding their causes, treatment and prevention.

Co-ordination of a twenty–one a-21-day (11th – 30th, January, 2016) free eye care and treatment programme with MTN Foundation at Ibom Hall, during which 15,350 (fifteen thousand, three hundred and fifty) people were screened for various eye diseases, 1150 eye surgeries performed, and 2000 eye glasses distributed.

Training of fifty (50) health staff comprising medical doctors, nurses, drivers and porters, on basic life support skills. The trainees underwent tutorials on emergency response skills. Two Basic Life support Training (BLST) were imparted on the trainees.

Strong participation of the state in the National Immunization Campaign Days.

Mobile Ambulance Service: This pilot programme operates under a Memorandum of Understanding between the state’s Ministry of Health and Nestle Nigeria PLC, and targets pregnant women, and children aged five (5) years and below.

Approval for training of forty-eight (48) House Officers was granted by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN), and to be handled at the following institutions: General Hospital, Ikot Ekpene; General Hospital, Eket; and General Hospital, Oron. These institutions were given provisional accreditation. It is expected that full accreditation would be granted soonest.

 Successful processing of admission of one hundred and fifty (150) candidates into Schools of Midwifery, and admission of two hundred and one (201) candidates into the Schools of Nursing for 2015/2016 academic year respectively.

 Participation in Nursing and Midwifery Council Final Qualifying Examinations for General Nurses and Midwives in which Akwa Ibom State scored 100% in both.

Matriculation and capping of 2014 in-take Student Nurses.

Provision of Intervention Items and amenities to health institutions in the State: These include; 50 customized mattresses, 50 pillows and two desk top computers forSchool of Midwifery, Anua, Uyo; 30 student desks, 10 customized mattresses and 10 pillows for School of Nursing, Anua, Uyo; Complete water reticulation for School of Nursing, Ikot Ekpene; 50 Student Desks for School of Nursing, Eket; 25 customized mattresses, 25 pillows and 4 desktop computers for School of Midwifery, Ituk Mbang as well as 70 customized mattresses and 70 Pillows for School of Midwifery, Oron.

The State has since June 2015 commenced payment of Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) to medical and dental practitioners in its employ.

 Handling of necessary rent matters in the health sector               


MADE IN AKWA IBOM SYRINGE ROLLS OUT FEB 2018 The first ever made in Akwa Ibom syringes, the best in the continent will roll out next month, February 2018.

Governor Emmanuel is committed to providing an enabling environment for businesses to thrive in the state. He has put in place facilities to attract investments, with the construction of power sub-stations in Uyo, the state capital and its environ, water, good roads network, good hotel accommodation, security as well as friendly and peaceful environment. it is evident that Akwa Ibom State is the best place to do business.

Africa's Largest Syringe factory is
an investment attracted to the state by Governor Emmanuel as part of measures to fulfil his Five Point Agenda especially in the area of Job Creation, Wealth Creation and Poverty Alleviation. With the factory fully alive, it will go a long way to boost the industrialization-drive of the Udom Emmanuel-led administration.

 The Chairman of Jubilee Syringe Factory, Emir Kayalioglo and the Managing Director, Zubeyir Gulabi revealed that the products of Jubilee Syringe are the best in terms of quality and safety as was discovered during the last Trade Fair held by Syringe and Needle Association and allied matters in Germany. The factory was commissioned by the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo on September, 2017 and produces One Million Syringes per day in the average with just 5 Expatriates working in the factory and the remaining staff about 70 in all Nigerians with Akwa Ibom indigenes in the majority. To ensure standard and professionalism, workers of the company are regularly sent on training in Turkey while also partnering several other European countries on technical grounds and for marketing processes. It could be recalled that, on assumption of office, Governor Udom Emmanuel had promised to catapult Akwa Ibom from a Civil Service oriented state to a Private sector-driven economy, the Jubilee Syringe factory with its success story is a clear manifestation of the commitment of Governor Udom Emmanuel in this direction.