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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - Information and Communication

Information and Communication

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Information and Communication

ICT and the knowledge of Science and Technology are major catalysts for economic growth, social development and job creation.

Science and Technology has been recognized as a strategic tool for community development, wealth creation and advancement of the human condition at all levels.

The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel has built a strong and rich intellectual human capacity in Science & Technology for Akwa ibom citizens without discrimination in gender or age and to emphasize the advancement of knowledge of ICT at all levels. Interestingly, 3000 youths benefited from an ICT training sponsored by Akwa Ibom State government under AKEES, a youth development spearhead of Governor Udom Emmanuel as part of plans to drive digital skill and economy in the oil rich state. The training  equipped the youths with computer skills and other aspects of ICT. The skill acquisition scheme underscores Governor Udom Emmanuel’s commitment to achieving a technology driven economy. This has been achieved through the training of unemployed graduates on ICT under the Graduate Assistant Programme (GAP) and setting up of ICT academy for the training of Civil servants in the State. The world today is going green through the adoption, development and use of renewable energy and efficient utilization of nature’s energy resources. Since renewable energy can be used in electricity generation and production of cleaner vehicle fuel. There is a paradigm shift from an energy system powered by increasingly expensive, dirty and unsustainable fossil fuel resources towards the one powered by abundant, clean, local and affordable renewable energy sources. The State is not left behind in the global renewable energy and energy efficiency trend, as a Directorate of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency has been created in the Ministry of Science and Technology to specifically develop, install and maintain Renewable Energy Technology in the State. Government also intends to pursue e-governance, establish Resources and Development Laboratory, Technology Workshop. etc.