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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - JUSTICE


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24 Nov


Effective and efficient adjudication of justice to the people through equity and fair play are very crucial in governance. To this end, relevant government authorities, majorly, the Ministry of Justice has been efficiently equipped to provide appropriate Legal services to both the government and people of the State.  In this regard, the following achievements have been recorded:


–       Articulation of a realistic body of laws to regulate the rights, liabilities and conventions;


–       Provision of legal advice to the Government;


–       Drafting and vetting of Executive Bills Contracts, Agreements, Memoranda         of Understanding and other legal document;


–       Estate Administration and public trustworthy;


–       Diligent handling of Criminal and Civil matters to enhance a smooth justice         delivery system in the state, amongst others.


Details of the departmental achievements of Ministry of Justice are presented here below:





The Department of Legal Drafting is one of the major Departments in the Ministry of Justice. It exists essentially to draft/vet all Executive Bills, Subsidiary Legislation and Contract Agreements involving Government. It also proffers sound legal advice to Government. The Department is a major contributor to the Internally Generated Revenue of the state through the collection of vetting fees on every Contract Agreement drafted.  Its achievements are:



  1. BILLS


1.Akwa Ibom State Road Traffic Authority Bill, 2016Pending in House of Assembly


2.Akwa Ibom State Public Procurement Bill, 2016Pending in House of Assembly


3.Signage Bill, 2016Vetting in progress


4.Amendment of Local Government Administration Bill, 2015Passed into Law


5.Amendment of Customary Court Bill, 2016Vetting in progress


6.Akwa Ibom Environmental Protection Waste Management Bill, 2016


Vetting in progress
7.Review of fines in Produce (Enforcement of Grades and Standards of Quality) Marketing Procedures Fees and Taxes Bill.Pending in House of Assembly
8.A Bill to a Law to Establish the Akwa Ibom State Public Private Partnership Council and the Bureau of public partnership to facilitate and Revenue Partnership between the public and private sector in the Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure, Goods and Services in the State and for other matters related thereto


 Pending in House of Assembly
9.2016 Appropriation LawAssented to by Governor


10.Prerogative of Mercy (release of prisoners granted pardon by His Excellency, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State


11.Akwa Ibom State Independent Electoral Commission(Amendment) LawPending in House of Assembly


12.Akwa Ibom State Revenue Administration LawPending in House of Assembly


13.Akwa Ibom State Micro Finance and Enterprise Development Agency LawPending in House of Assembly


14.Akwa Ibom State(Power to Dissolve Statutory Boards) LawPending in House of Assembly


15.A Bill for a Law to Prohibit the use of Motorcycles on designated thoroughfare in the State and for other matters connected therewith


Pending in House of Assembly
16.A Bill for a Law to Establish Akwa Ibom State School of Health Technology for training of various Health professions and for other matters connected therewith


Pending in House of Assembly
17.A Bill for a Law to Make Provision for Computation and Payment of Pension and Gratuity to Civil Servants in the State


Pending in House of Assembly
18.A Bill for a Law to Make Provision for the Local Government Administration and for other matters connected therewithPending in House of Assembly






S/N                                        NATURE OF WORK


1.Contract Agreement for the Supply, Installation of Medical Equipment at Cottage Hospital, Ukana


2.Agreement for the provision of Air Traffic Service(ATS) by Nigerian Airspace Management Agency to Akwa Ibom International Airport


3.MoU between Ibom Hotels and Resort and its Host Communities


4.MoU between Total E &P and Akwa Ibom State Host Communities


5.Agreement for the Construction of 5km Mkpok-Okat Road in Onna Local Government Area


6.Agreement for the Construction of 5Km Ikot Usop- Ikot Edeghe-Ikot Ekpuk Road and 30m span bridge in Mkpat Enin Local Government Area


7.Contract Agreement for the Emergency Works in the completion of Oron Urban Roads by Wizchino Engineering Limited


8.Contract Agreement for the construction of 3.5km Ikot Udom Road with a 15m span bridge in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area


9.Interim Gas Sales Agreement between ACCU Gas Limited Ibom Power Company Limited and Government


10.Contract Agreement for Additional Works for the Mechanical and Electrical Services for the 20th Anniversary Specialist Hospital
11.MoU between Government and Mimshac Digital Limited


12.MoU between Seven Exploration Limited (SEPL) and Gas Pipeline Impacted Communities


13.MoU between Government of Akwa Ibom State and Danieli Company Limited regarding  Qua Steel Project


14.Agreement between Government and Immersion Consult Limited





15.112Nos. Employment Agreement for Ibom Multi-Specialist Hospital, Uyo


16.Agreement for the dualization of 29km of Etinan-Ndon Eyo Road with 2No. bridges and spur from Mbioto Ekpene Huen to Ikot Akpan Ishiet Junction


17.Agreement for the Dualization of Uyo-Etinan Road, Akwa Ibom State


18.MoU between Government and Wellington Limited/First Cardio Consultants on Management of Ibom Specialist Hospital


19.MoU between Greenwell Technologies Limited and Government of Akwa Ibom State


20.Power Purchase Agreement between Government and Caribean Overseas S.A(CESCO)


21.Agreement between Government and Mobil Producing Unlimited and Knowledge Partners Limited


22.Partnership Agreement between Government and Bluemarine Energy Systems Nigeria Limited


23.Contract Agreement for Dualization of 28km of Uyo-Oron Road(Airport Road-Okopedi Oron Road by East- West Road) by Ronesans Nigeria Construction Limited


24.Consultancy Agreement between Government and Etano (Nig) Limited


25.Contract Agreement for the construction of 12.742km Awaiman-Asong-Ikot Emem Road with 2No. bridges in Onna and Mkpat-Enin Local Government Area


26.Contract Agreement for the Construction of 4.6km School of Arts and Sciences Road in Nung Ukim Ikono Local Government Area





27.Agreement between Government/ Eket Local Government Council and CICASA West Africa Limited


28.MoU between Quality Ceramics Limited, AKIICORP and DIMO Investment and Manufacturing Company Limited


29.Contract Agreement for the Construction of 6km Idiaba-Nda- Nsit- Ikot Abasi (Nung Udoe) Road, Nsit Atai Local Government Area by Cossel Construction Company Nigeria Limited



30.MoU between Government and Ensisco Plantation and Agro- Allied Industries


31.MoU  between Government and Field- Harvest Integrated Services Limited and Omega Butter International and LNG Company


32.Agreement between Government and Greenwell Technologies of Nigeria Limited


33.Car Purchase Agreement between Government through Akwa Ibom Urban Taxi Network Limited, Ministry of Transport and Innoson


34.Contract Agreement for the Construction of 6.1km Atan Road in Uyo Local Government Area by Benest Technical Services Limited


35.MoU between AKIICORP and Soeni Consult Limited


36.Agreement for Coconut Plantation/ Oil Refinery with HJ Oil and Food Consulting (pty) Limited.


37.Construction of 5.1Km Internal Roads in Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Akpa and its environs by Sigma Limited


38.Construction of 42.195km Ikot Ekaide-Ikot Okoro-ikot Ibritam-Ekeffre-Ikot Akpan Afaha Road Sections I&II with 3Nos. Bridges in Oruk Anam and Ukanafun Local Government Areas by Almajdai Limited



39.Contract Agreement for the Construction of 1.65km Information Drive in Uyo LGA between Government and Benest Technical Services Limited


40.Consultancy Agreement for Specialist Airport Advisory Services for Ibom International Airport Uyo  by Aerospace  Management Services Nigeria Limited


41.MoU for the Set-Up and Take-Off of 500 megawatts Power Plant between Government and Veduta Global Limited and Sinohydro Bureau 14 Company Limited
42.MoU for the Set-Up and Take-Off of Mechanized Agricultural Activities Enterprise Development and Skill Transfer in Akwa Ibom State between Government and Veduta Global LTD and AT&P Zhejiang Shenfa Import & Export Company Limited


43.Agreement to Maintain and Provide Security Services at the 20th Anniversary Hospital Residential Quarters at Shelter Afrique, Uyo by AHR Global Standard Services Limited


44.MoU between Government and Ircaflaw Africa Development Associates Limited for the development of Agro-Chain Integrated Farm Complexes and complete Agro-Research Parks Development Centers in Akwa Ibom State


45.Agreement for the Dualization of 1km Awa Ikot Nkan Road with Outfall Drains in Onna Local Government Area by VKS Nigeria Construction Limited


46.Agreement for the Dualization of Ring Road III and Construction of 1.5km Outfall Drain from Nsikak Eduok to Tropicana Complex(Additional works) by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC.


47.MoU between Government Heilongjiang Hejang Sanjiang Plain Rice Group of Company Limited for the Establishment of Farm Processing Plant in Akwa Ibom State




48.Construction/Remodeling of selected Roads and Strategic Roundabouts/Junctions in Eket Metropolis (Phase I &II) by Nigerpet Structures Limited


49.MoU for the Millennium Development Goals Project between Federal Republic of Nigeria and Government of Akwa Ibom State



50.Agreement for the Design of Akwa Ibom International Airport Terminal and Hotel by Blessed Henken International Company Limited in Partnership with Foshan 507 Decoration Design Company Limited





The Department of Civil Litigation is one of the Departments in the Ministry of Justice.  It is saddled with the responsibility of handling all the civil cases involving the Akwa Ibom State Government, her Ministries, Departments and Agencies.






  1. Supreme Court, Abuja         7
  2. Court of Appeal, Abuja 3
  3. Court of Appeal Lagos         5
  4. Court Of Appeal, Calabar        163
  5. Federal High Court, Uyo        57
  6. Federal High Court, Abuja          9
  7. Federal High Court, Lagos   7
  8. National Industrial Court Calabar/Lagos 59
  9. High Court, Akwa Ibom State         1,219
  10. Multi-door Court 26
  11. Revenue Court 84
  12. Number of Legal Advice 172

TOTAL                                                       1,811


The table below summarizes our achievements:

Total cases received1,811
Number of judgment obtained302
Number of cases settled out of court40
Number of Legal Advice Concluded170
Number of ongoing cases at various stages1,299






The Department of Public Prosecution is responsible for handling of Criminal cases on behalf of the Government. Its achievements from May 2015 till date are:


  1. Number of case files received from the Police .. ..      350


  1. Number of Bail Applications opposed and refused                                                        ..      ..      200


  1. Legal Advice concluded ..      ..      300


  1. Number of cases in Magistrate courts ..      ..         50


  1. Number of cases filed in High Courts ..      ..      250


  1. Judgment received in High Courts ..      ..        25


  1. Judgment received in Appeal Courts ..      ..        15
  2. Judgment received in Supreme Court ..      ..          2



The Ministry of Justice received, within the period, a total of 2414 legal advice requests from the Police, out of which 2401 cases were concluded

 Provision of laptop computers to all Law Officers and Heads of Departments.

 Provision of new desk top computers to all departments and outstations offices of the Ministry.

Provision of laptops for 90 newly-recruited law officers in 2015.

Drafting of 23 bills and subsidiary legislations.

Drafting of 490 contracts/agreements/MOUs.

Provision of 50 legal advice/opinions to various MDAs.

Number of Estates under our control as at Sept. 2015     -   63

Number of Estates wound up   -   34

 Welfare for beneficiaries;

No. of processed death benefit,( 27); No. of family disputes resolved, (59) and No. of cases pending in court,(9).