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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - PALM OIL PROCESSING


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* One of the major industrial crops in the State is the oil palm tree. The oil palm can be found in all the 31 Local Government Areas in the State. Akwa Ibom State is reputed to have the highest number of oil palm trees per capita in Nigeria.

* The oil palm produce when properly harnessed for economic development will aid the growth of the downstream industries which can extract and refine the oil for the manufacturing industries, who will, in turn, produce vegetable oil, soaps, margarine, glycerine, candles, detergents, polish, etc.

* The palm produce can also be exported to other pas of the world in large quantities. Other byproducts from the oil palm industries are used for the production of feeds for livestock, domestic brooms, brushes, foot-mats as well as construction of houses.