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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - POWER


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Power and energy are very critical to industrialization particularly and for the overall development of any society. Hardly can any sector of the economy grow without power. And so, in his quest to catapult Akwa Ibom State into an industrial hub in the gulf of Guinea, Governor Udom Emmanuel has vigorously tackled Power generation in the state to boost commercial and domestic activities. Achievements recorded in the power sector include:

Attainment of 18 hours daily electricity supply

Installation of “dead bus” technology which allows Akwa Ibom to be an island of power supply during National Grid outages.

Configuration and commissioning of GT 2 to enable IPP operate at 80 percent of installed capacity as required under the CBN-NESI fund

Proposal to NERC for expansion of IPP licence (from 191MW to 670MW)

Completed electricity distribution asset evaluation to ascertain the number of transformers and customers on each transformer in every village, ward and community across the three senatorial districts

Built structure/capacity for the effective operation of the technical and commercial activities of the power distribution sub-sector in the state

Collaboration by the management of Ibom Power with TCN and NERC for the creation of a work centre in the State – initial six staff were posted to the State

 Improvement of power supply in various communities across the State, including, Etebi Ikot Udofa/Ikot Udota in Eket L.G.A, Etinan L.G.A, Ikot Abasi Town, Ikot Akpan Mkpe, Afaha Atai in Onna LGA, Awa Ikot Nsong, Nkana Communities, Ewet Housing Estate, AKBC in Ntak Inyang, Peacock Paint Industry and Ibom e-library within Uyo Capital City.

Some Projects undertaken by the Government Include:

  • 2 x 15MVA, 33 / 11 KV Injection
  • Substation, Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo
  • Ibom International Airport Power Sub-station
  • Secured License for generation of 685 megawatt at Ibom Power Plant, Ikot Abasi
  • Rehabilitation of PHED facility at Ekim, Mkpat Enin,  Ikot Ekpene, Ikot Abai Ekpu village

Since coming on board over two years ago, the Udom Emmanuel administration has embarked on massive rehabilitation of power infrastructure in the state, the result of which has been a silent power revolution of sort. Before now, like what still obtains in some other states of the federation, the issue of epileptic power supply was a part of the people’s way of life. But now in Akwa Ibom State, people enjoy 18 to 20 hours of electricity supply daily through the efforts of the governor and his team.A recent study on rural electrification of all the villages in the state showed that Akwa Ibom had about 2240 gazetted villages besides autonomous communities that have come up as villages. Up to 85-90 percent of the villages have now been connected to the national grid.

Governor Udom Emmanuel's focus on steady power supply in the state is not limited to the state capital, Uyo, as some communities in the state like Nkari clan in Ini LGA have now been connected to the national grid. The governor has also restored power to Okobo LGA, where there was no light for several years, while efforts have reached top gear to reconnect Ikot Abasi.

With the newly commissioned facility in Uyo, some sections of the capital city such as Ewet Housing, Shelter Afrique, NwangaIba and Osongoma Estates now enjoy atleast 18 hours of electricity daily while plans have reached advanced stage for the commissioning of the second sub-station to be located at Ekim in Mkpat Enin Local Government. The new station is expected to service five local government areas along that axis, including Ikot Abasi already earmarked as one of the three industrial hubs by the governor.

Beside the Ekim sub-station, another injection sub-stations is being planned for local government areas along the Oron LGA axis of the state.Presently, the Ibom power plant solely owned by the state government has an installed capacity to generate 191MW of power of which 153MW is currently being generated. Having recieved a licence to generate 685MW of power from the Ibom Power Company, the government is working towards starting another turbine.

Since assumption of office, more than 200 (300kva) transformers have been distributed to various communities to boost power supply. AkwaIbom state currently has the most robust power system in Nigeria. It is evident that the constant power supply in the state is as a result of the huge investments and support of the state governor to the PHEDC in power generation and distribution as well as provision and rehabilitation of power infrastructure in the state.

The metering factory in Onna LGA of the state has the capacity of producing 600,000 meters per annum while consumers in the state require only 130,000 meters. Interestingly, Akwa Ibom State has a 132KV range. The 132 KV line runs from Ikot Abasi to Eket, another from Ikot Abasi to Ekparakwa and from Ekparakwa to Ikot Ekpene, from Ikot Ekpene to Itam and from Itam to Uyo. Akwa Ibom State is the only state in Nigeria that has a 132KV range. Akwa Ibom State government is putting in place infrastructure to attract foreign investors as  opportunity exists to build a gas fired thermal power plant in the state.