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Rubber is another industrial crop that is readily available in the State. Due to the oil boom of the 60’s and the attendant over dependence on crude oil at the expense of agriculture, the cultivation of rubber in commercial quantities in Akwa Ibom state like other pas of the country, suffered a decline. However, some farmers have gone back to the cultivation of the

tree for commercial purposes. This is with the support of the State government. Rubber trees can be found in Itam, Oku, Ndon Ebom, Ifiayong Obot, Use Ikot Amama and some parts of Uyo.

Since global demand for rubber is on the increase, rubber industry will thrive greatly in the state. Rubber will boost the manufacturing industries as the derivatives are used in the production of rubber based products like tyres for automobiles and bicycles, mattresses, mackintosh, boots, shoes, foot mats, vulcanizing solutions.