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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - Syringe Factory

Syringe Factory

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Syringe Factory

Africa's  Largest Syringe factory located in Akwa ibom is set to reverse the over $30 billion used for the importation of same product yearly within the SADC region of southern Africa. More than 6 countries in the west coast of Africa with Nigeria leading is importing in excess of 29.7% the import value of South African Democratic Congress yearly budget for same product. The syringe factory in Akwa ibom state was conceived & located as a result of a critical research followed by a technical report to provide one of the most satiated medical consumable products to the African market & beyond. These findings had in parts, that South Africa has a syringe factory that produces 95 million syringes a year, a report from the World Health Organization identifying Nigeria & more than half the population of Africa as medical tourists to the Asian nations & Europe. So far, the building of Africa's Largest Syringe factory is a direct response to the yearning for medical products. Going, by the initial production capacity of 400 million - 1 billion syringes, this highly simulated factory will within the next 5 years feed the African populace and the global market at large. With the UN recent report on increase in mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa & the urgent need for African leaders to urgently address the issue if Sustainable Goals Development target must be met in 2030, Akwa Ibom is in the threshold of providing medical solutions to the world.With the syringe factory in Akwa Ibom  within reach, health workers, volunteer service providers will at least have a succour in Medicare.This critical network include the medical colleges, medical research centres, pharmaceutical firms, diagnostic centers, specialist hospitals, patent medical shops, nomadic health worker, community health attendants

emergency health workers, pediatricians across the coast, health educators, tourists embarkation points etcera. The health & commercial value chain of  Africa's largest syringe factory is unparalleled.