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The administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel in Akwa Ibom State records unprecedented accomplishments across all sectors of the economy. Mr. Udom Emmanuel - Women Development and Social Welfare

Women Development and Social Welfare

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Women Development and Social Welfare



With gender issues gaining momentum in the development plans of government as encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs of the United Nations and domesticated in the Udom Emmanuel 5 – Point Agenda, government has continued to put in place policies and undertake programmes for the enhancement of the welfare of women, children and the vulnerable members of the society. Highlights of achievements of government in the sector include:


  • Sensitization campaign against child abuse, child trafficking, child abandonment, child labour and baby factory in the ten (10) Federal Constituencies.


  • Financial empowerment for 400 widows in the 31 local government areas


  • Caring for over 500 orphans and vulnerable children in five designated Government Homes


  • Family tracing and re-integration of over 40 street children with their parents.


  • Training of Court Assessors.


  • Financial assistance to private psychiatric home


  • Consultation meeting with non-indigenes to foster love, unity and peaceful co-existence
  1. Hosted the 2015 International Women’s Day Celebration
  2. Hosted the 2015 International Widows’ Day Celebration
  3. Organized 2015 Widows’ Empowerment Scheme
  4. Carried out capacity building of newly elected members of the Children’s Parliament in AkwaIbom State
  5. Organized the 2015 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebrations
  6. Celebrated the 2015 National Children’s Day and the Day of the African Child
  7. Carried outpublic awareness campaign and sensitization against child abuse, abandonment, trafficking, “baby factory” and implementation of Child’s Right Law in the 10 Federal constituencies in the State
  8. Undertook media enlightenment campaign on the child’s rights law
  9. Produced, printed and distributed IEC materials on the child’s right law as well as the abridged version of child’s rights law in English
  10. Rehabilitation and reintegration of street children and children in the Homes, about 60 Children benefited.
  11. Implemented Juvenile Justice Administration, which led to the trial and prosecution of Child’s Rights offenders
  12. Rehabilitation and Integration of children and equipping of hostels/dormitories for children’s homes in AkwaIbom State
  13. Quarterly enlightenment/ sensitization and support programme for women with multiple birth in AkwaIbom State.
  14. Renovation, furnishing and equipping of divine Children’s home and correctional centre
  15. Public Awareness campaign against child abuse and implementation of the Child’s right law in the 31 LGA of the state.
  16. Child legal protection activities
  17. Celebration of World White Cane/ National Braille day of the blind.More than 350 visually/partially impaired benefited, visually impaired undergraduates were provided with braille machines and Laptops with Jaws
  18. Provision of over 50 wheel Chairs and special writing desks to physically challenged persons in the tertiary Institutions and financial assistance to 50 members of Association of Persons Living with Disability.
  19. Evacuation, treatment and rehabilitation and integration of lunatics off the State Capital
  20. Sponsorship to China of Thompson Aniedi studies
  21. Hosting of women’s Leadership Retreat, focus was on training Women to meet with National and Global leadership Standards.
  22. Sensitization on the debilitating effects of diseases such as cancer, Hiv/Aids on Women
  23. Sponsorship of the Children’s summit organized by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Channel 12 Uyo
  24. Financial support to 62 (Sixty-two) Women Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the State
  25. Sponsorship of Members of the Nigerian Legion Akwa Ibom State branch for Verification exercise of Military Pensioners by the Federal Ministry of Defence


  1. Establishment of Children’s Parliament in the 31 Local Government Areas of the State
  2. National/International day celebration of person with disabilities in AkwaIbom State
  3. Emergency response, welfare and rescue of Women and Children from abuse
  4. Monthly Subvention to assist the less privileged
  5. Organized Christmas party for children in the Government homes.
  6. Hosting of Women Forum in AkwaIbom State
  7. Enlightenment/Sensitization and quarterly support programme for Women with multiple Birth in AkwaIbom State.
  8. Resettlement/Assistance to graduating trainees of the Nigeria Farm Craft centre for the blind
  9. Sponsorship of the Participation of AkwaIbom State delegation in the Nigerian Power Women conference in Abuja
  10. Training of members of the Children’s Parliament in the 31st local government Area of the State
  11. Collaborated with NEIMETH International Pharmaceutical PLC for the de-worming exercise of Children in the State.
  12. Celebrated the 2016 International Women’s Day, seminar for young girls on career Counseling and screening of Women of Breast and Cervical Cancer
  13. Empowerment of Nigerian Legion Widows in the State.
  14. Partnering MTN FOUNDATION in Audiometric assessment and provision of Hearing aid to Hearing impaired persons in the State. About 250 persons benefited



The following are on the credit side of the Women Affairs and Social welfare performance score card from the inception of the Administration:

 Care for more than seven hundred (700) orphans and under-privileged children, some of who are now studying in institutions of higher learning, in the five state-funded Homes. The Homes are: Special Children’s Home, Uyo; Divine Children’s Home, Uyo; Correctional Centre, Uyo; Shelter Afrique Transit Camp, Uyo and Government Children’s Home, Ikot Ekpene.

 Playing host to a Women’s Leadership Retreat that focused on training women in different areas of leadership skills and expectations.

 Evacuation, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of One Hundred and Sixty (160) lunatics.  All were empowered; about 70% who were not from Akwa Ibom State were taken to their States.

 Sensitization against Child Abuse, Child Trafficking, Child Abandonment and Baby factory racketeering in the State, with the theme; “The Rights of the Child: A Collective Responsibility”. The second phase of the sensitization held in September 2016, had the theme: “Our Children, Our Future: End Child Abuse.” Participants included school children, parents, traditional rulers, pastors, teachers, etc. It was one of the strategies for the implementation and enforcement of the rights of children in the state.

 Training of 10 visually-impaired persons in different skills at the Nigerian Farm Craft Centre, Lagos, who were subsequently empowered to start up their own personal businesses.

 Sponsorship of 155 widows to Israel on pilgrimage.

 Celebration of the 2016 International Women’s Day, which witnessed, among other things: financial empowerment of widows across the State.

 Training of Secondary schools girls on Career Counselling and the Dignity of the girl child.

 Seminar on breast and cervical cancers, as well as free medical screening of breast and cervical cancers.

 Capacity Building Workshop on Women’s Rights and Widowhood Inheritance.

 Celebration of the 2016 Armed Forces Remembrance Day in the State.

 Renovation and furnishing of the Homes and the Women Development      Centre.

 Celebration of the International White Cane Safety Day. White Canes were given to 350 visually impaired persons in the State. Provision of Braille Machines, tape recorders, laptops with Jaws to visually impaired undergraduate students as well as financial assistance to them.

 Provision of over fifty (50) wheel chairs and fifty (50) special writing desks for physical challenged persons in tertiary institutions and Secondary Schools. Sixty-two (62) persons with disabilities, two from each LGA were also empowered.

 Implementation of the Child Rights Law.  A law to protect the rights of a child and other related matters. Prosecution of child’s rights offenders in collaboration with the Akwa Ibom State Judiciary and Ministry of Justice, Security Services, Police etc.  The cases include: Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Child Abandonment and Trafficking, Maternal/Paternity issues, Rape, Baby Factory Operation and dis-inheritance.  Over 200 cases have been recorded since 29th May 2015.  About one hundred and twenty (120) have received judgments.  Some offenders had served their jail term.

  Family Tracing and Re-integration of over 60 abandoned children within           and outside the State.

  Support to Multiple Birth Parents; over 300 multiple birth parents were provided with care and financial support.

 Celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities (Physically     challenged): Blind, Deaf, Dumb and those in the Leprosy hospital.  Empowerment of members of this Association with basic amenities for their overall wellbeing such as: provision of wheel chairs; provision of Braille machines; financial packages to each cluster as well as accessories for saloon and generators to members.

 Election and inauguration of the Children’s Parliament as the mouth piece of the children in all the LGAs of the State.

  Mentoring Forum for Female Students in all higher institutions in the State.

  Community dialogues were carried out with men and women in LGAs.

  Care for the Nigerian Legion Widows

  Training of Children’s Parliament in the 31 Local Government Areas

  Celebration of International Day of Families.

  Celebration of 2016 Children’s Day

  A two-day Focused Group Discussion with Adolescents in the three (3)Senatorial Districts, Uyo, Eket and Ikot Ekpene in collaboration with  UNICEF.

  Inauguration of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Technical Working   Group.

  Donation of wrappers to 1,000 members of Market Women Frontline.

   Donation of Wheel Chairs to Persons with Disabilities in collaboration    with the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development. Wheel Chairs were given to the physically handicapped persons and other mobility aids.

 Renovation and furnishing of the Children’s Homes and the Women Development Centre.